Monday 11 February 2019

New Little Big Adventures Blog

So the new site has a new blog attached.

So I think what will happen is i'll keep everything in the one place and update over there.
But i've been with Blogger for around twelve years now.  ( I know! )

So mm .. decisions & double ups..

Today I posted a clever ditty i'm a little bit proud of
Even though I stole the tune from The Crash Test Dummies.

But really, when your kinder/centre booking location goes from M to M to M,
the Mmm Song just makes sense.

From Middle Park to Mordi, from Mulgrave to Mont Albert, a skip to Malvern,
Murrumbeena, and even a pop in to the city ( Melbourne ), this is where your
Little Big Adventures begin.

Gee I miss blogging & writing.  I love the start of the year when my brain isnt quite mushy

Here's a visual of where we visit: