Monday, 26 June 2017

High Kinder Season | Melbourne Childcare and Kinder Photographers: Little Big Adventures

What we see is Joy .. 
We project it, reflect it, and capture it forever.
Missing Teeth
Missing Socks
Mud Pies

Melbourne Childrens Photographer: Siblings

We always have lots of fun meeting cheeky new friends, and revisiting old pals at our centres.

Bayside Childrens Photographer

We're not just Photographers, we're your Little One's new playmate.
We give chase, engage, play and sing songs. Quite simply, we try a little harder. 

We like to think the results are worth it.

Professional Child Photography Melbourne

Climber? Masterchef? Bookworm? Speedracer?

We encourage your children to explore their environment and show us the things they love to do best.

Melbourne Childcare Photography

Colour or Black & White? 
We often cant decide either, but we always show you both

Preofessional Child Photographer Melbourne

Always a variety of images to choose from - inside, outside, upside down. 
Nothing staid or staged about our little big adventures

Bayside Kids Photos

We hope to see you at your childcare centre or community kinder soon!

Little Big Adventures

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Come Work With Us! | Melbourne Kindy & Childcare Photography

Little Big Adventures is always looking for temporary, permanent, part time and casual photographers and editors for our kinders and centres based in the Bayside suburbs
of Melbourne Australia.

Melbourne Childcare Photography

If you have a current Working With Children check and know how to
photograph in manual mode and adapt to changing or challenging light conditions
and/or fast moving objects ( aka: kids on the move! ) and are adept at capturing real
emotion and genuine smiles, we'd love to hear from you.

Editors:  love Adobe Lightroom?  Do you have a good eye for cropping, colour and
compostion?  Enjoy flexible hours that allow you to work around kids or studies?
In your pyjamas?  Give us a call!


- Full training and expert on-site supervision
- A friendly supportive team - we're fun to work with!
- Flexibility to fit in with family, studies or other committments
- Invaluable experience in a working photographic environment

- An enthusiastic work ethic
- Excellent camera skills with particular emphasis on focus, light and composition
  ( Photographer )
- Ability to relate and engage with small children ( Photographer )
- Current Working with Children check
- Proficiency in Adobe Lightroom ( Editor )
- A great eye for cropping, colour & compostition ( Editor )

If this sounds like you, please contact Leanne on 0419 520 782 or at: and we can arrange a chat to get the ball rolling!

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Freebies! | Little Big Adventures Kindergarten Photography

Happy Mother's Day for tomorrow, Australia!

Our 2nd free download for 2017 is available now to download, print and frame.

Here's an iphone pic of my copy I printed out all framed up on the mantlepiece 😊  It's a gorgeous watercolour illustration of a cactus and some succulents in a cheery red enamel camp mug ❤

Mother's Day Free Illustration Download

I call it my Little Cup O'Love.

And you can download it for free ( totally, it's not some spammy email list or anything! ) here!

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Yes! { We Photograph Families Too! }

Yes indeedy do.

One my my most-oft conversations with kinder families goes a little something like this:

Happy Parent:  "These images are beautiful!  Thankyou so much!"

Little Big Adventures:  "Thankyou!  You are so welcome!"

Happy Parent:  "Do you .. um .. photograph families?"

Little Big Adventures:  "Yes!  We do!" 

Happy Parent
: "I'd love to get some images like these with us all"

Little Big Adventures:  "Well, we can help you with that!"

Family Photographer Bayside Melbourne

All our kinder photographers are bona fide, wonderful family photographers in their own right.

Did you love your kinder pics and find your child would not stop talking about the nice lady that took his or her images?

Let that natural rapport, our easy going friendliness and ease with children ( both big and small! ) guide you - we look after you warmly and discuss your needs and offer any expert help you need.

You can find more information here:  FAMILY SESSIONS

Sunday, 19 February 2017

2017 and Our First Giveaway!

Back to Work!

Well, we've been back at work for a while now, but February is a time for planning and marketing, and basically the only month we get where we're not frantically photographing and editing all the kiddos!

It's one of my favourite times of the year as I touch base with kinders and daycares, lock in dates and get all the ducks in a row.  As promised last year when I gave away a massive framed print on our facebook page, i've got a whole calendar of happiness on the charts and it makes me so happy to have so much in store for 2017 
To claim your free printable download for Feb/March, simply click below and it's pinned to the top of our facebook page .. easy peasy!  I hope you like it, i'm a little bit chuffed by how good it turned out..

Free Download: Little Big Adventures Kinder Photographers
Click HERE

In other news, if your kinder or daycare centre hasnt booked your photographer yet, you'd better hotfoot it before all booking dates are gone.  We're in the field every week of the school terms and there's only a few dates left!  Again, you can find the details on the Little Big Adventures Facebook Page ( or call us, or email us!  )

We really look forward to visiting your centre and seeing you and your little ones.


Little Big Adventures
Melbourne Child, Kindergarten and Daycare Photographers
Bentleigh  |  Bayside  |  Melbourne
0419 520 782
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