Sunday, 20 November 2016

End of Year Shenanigans: Melbourne Kinder and Daycare Photography

It's that time of year again, when everything starts to speed up NOW!

Melbourne Kindy Photos

Considering I just finished my last kinder last week and it normally takes 2 weeks to edit and deliver 100 galleries, then 2 weeks for parents to choose and get their orders in and 2 weeks again to deliver ..

Umm .. 4 weeks until Christmas everybody!
I have 200 little faces I will be working hard on to get out to you in record speed, but you'll need to do your bit to help me help you also.

I'll be editing all those beautiful faces in a week or so of no rest, no sleep.

Melbourne Daycare Photos

Then you can order them all in the next week after that, and i'll deliver them the week after.

What do you say?  Is it a deal?
Can we share the load and pull the sleigh together?

I hope so.
Little Big Adventures kinder photographs are more than just kindy pics .. they are are collection of images of your children at work and play, but also beautiful private-session quality images suitable for gifting, framing and display.

Melbourne Childcare Photography

We even have an array for frames available for last minute gifts.

Let's Do This Together.


Little Big Adventures
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