Sunday, 30 April 2017

Yes! { We Photograph Families Too! }

Yes indeedy do.

One my my most-oft conversations with kinder families goes a little something like this:

Happy Parent:  "These images are beautiful!  Thankyou so much!"

Little Big Adventures:  "Thankyou!  You are so welcome!"

Happy Parent:  "Do you .. um .. photograph families?"

Little Big Adventures:  "Yes!  We do!" 

Happy Parent
: "I'd love to get some images like these with us all"

Little Big Adventures:  "Well, we can help you with that!"

Family Photographer Bayside Melbourne

All our kinder photographers are bona fide, wonderful family photographers in their own right.

Did you love your kinder pics and find your child would not stop talking about the nice lady that took his or her images?

Let that natural rapport, our easy going friendliness and ease with children ( both big and small! ) guide you - we look after you warmly and discuss your needs and offer any expert help you need.

You can find more information here:  FAMILY SESSIONS
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